Tuesday, November 22, 2016

perfect drum set for very young children

 photo 1_zpslgq58myz.jpg

This is the perfect drum set for young children, and they will enjoy playing it. Everything came packed down compactly into one box. Assembly is required, but it was quick and easy with the instructions found inside of the box. It comes with a drummer's stool, two drumsticks, large bass drum with foot pedal, two medium sized drums, three smaller drums, and cymbals. It is black in color with nice flashy stars for fun rock and roll feel. It is sized just right for little ones to use. When they are finished, it can be packed back down into the box for storage. I feel this is a very good value for the money. It is nice enough to give as a gift to your favorite little musician.-W

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Barber Foods Cordon Bleu Chicken Breasts: Quick and Tasty Meal

These Cordon Bleu Chicken Breasts by Barber were so delicious! They have a wonderful flavor, nice texture, and were very filling. We knew from the moment we pulled them out of the oven and saw how nice they looked and how wonderful they smelled that this meal was going to be something special! We received a free coupon to try these very appetizing chicken breasts by Barber. We found them in Kroger's frozen food aisle and shared a coupon with a gentleman who was trying figure out what he wanted for dinner. Our family will be buying them again!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Landscape Fabric Staples

100 Garden Staples - Professional Grade - Full 6" Length - Durable 11 Gauge Metal Steel - (Also Called Sod Staples, Garden Spikes, Fence Anchors, Landscape Fabric Staples, Anchor Pins, Garden Pegs, Loop Stakes)

These landscape staples are just a tick higher in price than some I bought from a big box home center. We are talking less than a half cent per piece, but these staples are heavier gauge (thicker) and over an inch longer. The big box staples did not have a good point so it was harder to penetrate the fabric resulting in a bent staple. These have a much better point and go right through. The best thing is that these fine quality staples are made right here in the good ole USA. i love finding top quality, domestically produced products at good prices that rival the import competition. Although I was given these at a discount in exchange for my honest review, I will definitely buy these for my next landscape project over the big box offering. With my Prime membership, I can have them in my hands in just two days. -C

All Purpose Saw that Fits in Survival Bags

Folding Hand Saw. All Purpose, Wood, Bone, PVC. Best for Tree Pruning, Camping, Hunting, Toolbox. Rugged 8" Blade, Solid Grip.

After reading some of the reviews, I was concerned this saw would not be that impressive. However, I am very pleased with this saw and used it to cut down some brush to clear our fence line. I had no problem cutting through saplings. I was able to cut through a 1" sapling in less than 20 seconds. I really like the handle which gives you a good, comfortable grip. The ability to tighten the blade is very nice. I love that it folds down compactly. It's light weight so it doesn't add much to your tool bag. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it. I like it very much. I am not sure if I will put this in my garden tools or keep it in our emergency survival bags since it could work well for either situation. -C

High Quality Auto Shut off Meat Thermometer

Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer with Fold-Away Probe

I am very pleased with this meat thermometer and love how the probe folds down. When the probe is folded down, the thermometer automatically and instantly shuts off which is a very nice feature. I've had too many without auto shut off and ended up wasting money on batteries because I'd either forget to shut them off or the button was turned on by a bump in the drawer. This came attractively packaged in a nice box with a foam insert. The presentation will make a nice impression for gift giving. It looks and feels quality made. The probe itself goes into the meat easily. The numbers are large enough to see without my reading glasses. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it. I am impressed with the performance, function, and convenience of this meat thermometer. -C

Odor Eliminator

Advanced Pet Supplies Odor & Stain Eliminator - Cleans Accidents in a Hurry Without Dangerous Ingredients That Can Make Pets Sick - Advanced Bio-Enzyme Cat & Dog Urine Pee Smell Remover Carpet Cleaner

We own a kennel and use a lot of odor and stain eliminator. I took a picture of how the bottle was packaged because I feel like the company cared to get it to me in good condition. If you've bought enough products through the mail, you know sometimes they just throw stuff in the box and don't care how it arrives. This arrived with a screw on cap with a foil seal on the bottle. The sprayer nozzle was attached with a rubber band, and all of it was in a sealed plastic bag. It was shipped to me in a box by Amazon with several other items including some heavy ones. Because of the way it was packaged, nothing leaked and the nozzle was still undamaged! The bottle was much larger than I was expecting, so I feel like I received a good value for the price posted compared to products in our local pet stores. The fragrance is light and about what you'd expect. It seemed to work very well after an accident. The dog didn't even sniff over the spot again. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it

Shoe Storage for Travel

Alku Genuine Nylon Shoe Bags for Travel, Home Storage with Drawstring Stopper 3-pack

This set of three large, locking drawstring bags are roomy enough to hold a pair of my husband's work boots. They are lightweight and will not add much to your suitcase or backpack. The material feels durable and very easy to clean. I am very pleased with these. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it. They are nicer than what I was expecting!

Houseplant Sprayer

Hand Held Garden Sprayer - Pump Sprayer Bottle

This sprayer is basically a handheld version of the larger garden sprayers most of us are used to seeing. It is compact and perfect for small jobs such as a flower garden or small vegetable patch. It works just like the larger sprayers out there. Simply unscrew the bottle, add the product to be sprayed, screw the bottle back on, and give it a few pumps. Apply the product by pushing the lever. The instructions say not to overfill the bottle which has a 1.5 liter capacity. It would be nice to have a fill line to make this process easy. The sprayer works well, and has an adjustable nozzle for spray mist or stream. The tank material seems a bit flimsy, and my unit arrived with dents in it. Overall it does a good job earning it 4 out of 5 stars. A five star product would have a fill line and a more durable tank. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. -C

Beautiful Ceramic Knives

Ceramic Knife from Vesper's Kitchen includes Two Black Ceramic Knives, a 6" Chef Knife, 4" Paring Knife, Sheaths in a beautiful Gift Box

These are da bomb!!

These ceramic knives are beautifully packaged and will make a nice presentation when purchased for gift giving. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it. These exceeded my expectations! The edges are sharp, and they come with covers. Ceramic offers advantages over metal: very lightweight, very sharp, do not dull as easily as metal, don't rust, and they are very durable. They are considered more sanitary because the pores in ceramic are smaller than steel. Disadvantages are their higher price and possible breakage under the right circumstances. Therefore, they shouldn't be used for cutting through frozen foods or be used with glass cutting boards. These are beautifully constructed and very impressive knives which are very sharp. I care a lot about performance because I do a large amount of peeling and chopping. I've done so much of it over the years, I now have ostearthritis (wear and tear) in my hand and wrist. These are sharp and cut so well, it keeps my wrist and hand from tiring so fast. I highly recommend these fine looking knives and would buy them again for myself or as a gift. -W

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Perfect for Building Elsa's Ice Castle

Clear Blue Bricks

Clear Bricks

I have two little girls who enjoy the movie Frozen, and they love these blocks to build the ice castle and other scenes. This is an affordable option to build your child's block collection. These are compatible with Duplo and the fit is nice and snug. This is a great way to save money on building blocks which can also be used as math manipulatives. There are lesson plans online that can be used with these blocks.

  • This bundle of 84 Big Briks contains 48 Big Briks measuring 1.25" x 1.25" x 1" (2x2 pegs), 24 Big Briks measuring 1.25" x 1.65" x 0.65" (1x2 pegs-tall), and 12 Big Briks measuring 2.5" x 1.25" x 1" (2x4 pegs).
  • Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Details Below in Description)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Kona 24Hour Ice Stainless Steel Tumbler With Lid

Stainless Steel Tumbler With Lid

We are very pleased with this stainless steel tumbler. It is saving us money on ice and drinks. It doesn't sweat and leave rings on tables. There is a sliding lock that covers the mouthpiece to prevent spills and keep your drink safe from bugs and dust. Stainless steel lasts a long time and is easy to clean which also helps save large families money. We highly recommend this mug to others.

  • GUARANTEED BEST PREMIUM PERFORMANCE TUMBLER AVAILABLE - 24 Hour Ice Retention / 12 Hour Heat Retention Double wall vacuum insulation technology provides maximum temperature retention, hot or cold. Yet slim and lightweight.
  • FINEST MATERIALS AVAILABLE - Made of premium 18/8 stainless steel, with no synthetic lining. Electro-polished interior eliminates metallic taste. Easy to clean and resistant to bacteria, rust and oxidation. Won't leach chemicals or retain tastes and odors. 100% BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free. Tested to comply with FDA and Prop 65 standards.
  • THE PERFECT POUR - Gently tapered lip design for smooth and easy sipping, with no awkward bevels or threads to interrupt liquid flow.
  • MY NEW FAVORITE CUP! - INCLUDES FREE 5 YEAR GUARANTEE ($39.99 Value) So you can buy this travel coffee mug with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE. Makes an excellent gift, try it now risk free.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Adjustable Jump Rope

Limm Jump Rope - Perfect for All Experience Levels, Cardio, Cross Fitness & More - Easily Adjustable - Best Exercise for Weight-Loss & Health - Start Enjoying The Comfort Today!

This arrived in a plastic blister pack that I cut open with a pair of scissors. If you cut yours open, be careful not to cut through the instructions for shortening the jump rope on the back of the inside label. The instructions show that you can use this for beginners, experienced jumpers, and double unders and gives easy to read and follow instructions for choosing the right length for each. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it. The jump rope is light weight, attractive, and unlike the cotton ropes we've had, does not tangle/knot easily. The grip is comfortable and allows air flow around the palms and fingers. The only thing I wish it had was a counter in the hand grip. I like the way this looks with the Hand Grip Strengthener - Exercise Gym Equipment - Held Exercise - Adjustable Wrist Forearm Training and finger workout - Weight Range 22-88 Lbs - 100% eco friendly. I'd consider giving both to a friend who was just getting back into exercise. This will be a nice addition to our home gym!

Pampering for Mom

8oz Sulfate Free VITAMIN C FACIAL CLEANSER by Eve Hansen - Anti-Aging Face Wash - Made in USA with Organic & Natural Ingredients and 15% Vit C - Helps Reduce Wrinkles, Sun Spots and Discoloration

I am a busy mother of seven and run our two small businesses. I love staying busy and productive, but life can get come very overwhelming. So, I like to treat myself to a luxury item now and then. I like that this product is sulfate free and natural. I also like that it fights signs of aging. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it. It arrived in a shrink type over wrap that kept it in good condition in a box with heavier objects. I like the size and the pump bottle. The cleanser does not have a fragrance, pumps easily, lathers lightly, and goes on the face smoothly. I added a few drops of lavender essential oil for fragrance to mine. It cleaned well and left my skin feeling very soft and smooth. Compared to other similar products I've seen, you get more in this bottle for your money. I feel pampered after using this product and would consider purchasing it again.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Comic Book Heroes to go with Legos Christmas or Birthday Idea

The Avengers Marvel DC Super Heroes Series Minifigures Action Figure Set (9 Piece)

New set of 8 Marvel Avengers and DC Superheroes. Featuring Batman, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, Superman, Thor and Wolverine. Each comes disassembled with their own pieces and weapons. Factory Sealed in individual plastic bags (no box). Compatible in size and look to other brands Lego.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Car Seat Travel Bag from SIMPL

Tough 600D Water Resist with Shoulder Strap, Designed To Protect and Cocoon Your Car Seat from Dirt and Rain, and Gate Check

Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candle

Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candles Scented with luxurious aromas of Frankincense,Myrrh,Lavender and other Natural essential oils -Ideal for bath, spa ,and relaxing after work by Vibrant Essence 

I received one candle and was very pleased with the fragrance and quality of it. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it. This is a good way to relieve stress in your home with aromatherapy. It is attractively designed and arrived in a nice looking box that makes it very easy to wrap for gift giving. I'd love to receive one of these (or a dozen) as a gift. The price seems a bit high when compared to other similar candles I've purchased so I took a star off for that. 

#1 Best Rated Swim Goggles on Amazon

Swimming Goggles, U-FIT Adult - Clear Vision UV Protection Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Lenses - Comfort Fit Non Leaking - Men Women Youth Kids - Free Swimming Goggle Case

Reusable Paperless Coffee Filter

Pour Over Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper-4 Cup Cone- Reusable Paperless Coffee Dripper

This is constructed very well, will last a long time, save money, and be very useful in straining teas and coffees. I am very pleased and would consider buying another. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it. -W

Temporary Building Block Glue

Le-Glue - Temporary Glue For LEGO®, Mega Blocks, Nano Blocks, and More. Great For Kids! Non-Toxic! Made In USA!

With seven children, we have amassed quite the collection of Legos. Our children range in ages from 7 to 24, and yes, the 24 year old will still sit and build with his siblings! One of the frustrations they have is how easily their projects can come apart when moving them from place to place. This product solves that problem. We were offered to try it for our thoughts about it. We like it. Craft painting brushes, cotton swabs, and pinkie fingers made application very easy. Our children have asked for more, and we feel this will make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. We also love that it is nontoxic.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

DIY Clean Hog Auto Waterer from 55 Gallon Barrels and These Inexpensive Nipples

Jardin Stainless Steel 2-Piece Pig Nipple Drinker Waterer with 4/5-Inch Thread, Silver Tone

We had to purchase these from Amazon because our local feed store was always out! We used a 1/2" tap to put threads for these in two 55 gallon drums to use as livestock waterers for hogs. Then we strapped the barrels to t-posts to hold them in place. We kept an eye on our hogs to make sure they would use them, and they took to them with no problem. The waterers been in place for a few months now. They work great! We had one barrel roll into some mud while we were doing a pasture rotation.The mud caused one of the nipples to get stuck open and drain the tank. Cleaning out the mud remedied the problem instantly. We keep two barrels full of water for our hogs at all times and plan to hook up gutters with screens to refill with rainwater. After trying a few other methods, we have clean water they can't get into or knock around. These came in a carded bag and were easy to install. They've been working with no problems in design or construction. We highly recommend them and will be buying more.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Collapsible Lunch Box

Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box, 2-Compartment, BPA Free, Microwave/Dishwasher Safe, Great for Kids and Adults

When you get this, it looks deceptively small because it is collapsed. When you take it out of the plastic bag it comes in and open both sides up, you realize it can hold a lot of food! Each compartment is deep! I was given a discount on this item and promised to give my opinion of it. I like it! My family loves to take meals from home to work with them. BPA free means I don't have to worry that I am unwittingly contaminating the healthy food I worked hard to prepare in my kitchen. Microwavable means my family can heat up their food at work. Dishwasher safe means fast and easy clean up. Reusable means environmentally friendlier than disposable products. The fork and spoon in the lid are nice features. Not only would I recommend this product, but I'd also consider giving it as a gift. I may have to purchase more since one of my children and my husband are looking at it for themselves.

Support for a Healthy Equine Gut

HORSE PROBIOTICS - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As a person who cares for many animals on our small farm, I am thankful for anything that helps me give them the excellent care I strive to give them. Not only do we take probiotics for ourselves, but we also give them to our dogs, goats, and now our horses. While the benefits of horse probiotics are still being researched, they are thought to help the body to recover from illnesses, help the digestive system handle changes to diet easier, give digestive systems a head start or a needed boost, counteract the effects of stress, help old horses better assimilate their feed which can help them keep or gain weight, boost the immune system, and more. I appreciate the discount code I was given to give me the opportunity try and give my honest review on this product. It arrived very promptly in an Amazon box. The plastic jar with screw lid I received is taller than the one pictured and contains the 1 pound stated in the description. It had a foil seal under the lid. I had no problem getting my horse to take it as a top dressing on his feed. If your old horse is struggling to gain weight, I recommend trying this product.

Put This Together With An Easy Bake Oven and DIY Easy Bake Recipes for a Great Child's Gift

Cake Decorating Kit - Set of 9 Icing Tips for Baking Supplies - Perfect for Kids and Beginners

I learned how to decorate with an icing bag and metal tips 25 years go. I'm not the world's best, but I do alright. This set is not meant for people with experience, but, as described, it is perfect for those who are learning or need something easier on the hands. This was very easy for my small children to use. Putting the icing inside was very easy too. They enjoyed it and we appreciate the discount code we received in exchange for our honest opinion about this product. As a birthday or Christmas gift, I'd put this together with a child's toy oven with some homemade cake mixes and frosting designed for that toy oven. The current list price is a bit high compared to local products on the shelf in the store even after you factor in shipping. I took one star off for that. -W

I listed this in our toys category because of the gift idea tip.

Uses for Laundry Bags

Lingerie Laundry Wash Bags for Delicates, Durable Thick Mesh, Best for Protect & Extend Your Garments Life, Set of 5

I knew this set of five lingerie wash bags would come in handy so I chose to honesty review them for a discount coupon code. I use wash bags for delicate clothing with lace or crotchet accents. I also use them for lingerie, pantyhose, and stockings. Most people don't know it, but you can use these for washing sweaters to keep them from pilling so badly. The largest of these is certainly big enough to fit a sweater. One of these will go into the shower for my bath gloves since they have a tendency to pick up lint in the wash. I've also used these types of bags to store bath toys and play kitchen dishes. These are a nice quality and should last a long time. I'm considering purchasing another couple of sets so I can place one in each bedroom for dirty socks. That will end the sorting and "missing mate" problem! (I strongly dislike sorting socks for nine people!!) I was very pleased with the amount of bags and quality of these! They arrive in their own resealable bag and were shipped to me in a very timely manner. I'm considering purchasing again!

Stylish Insulated Lunch Tote!

Insulated Neoprene Tote

This lunch bag came in an Amazon box inside of a resealable plastic bag. It is attractively designed and the stitching is secure and strong. There is more than enough room in it for a good sized meal. The neoprene means it stays insulated without unnecessary bulk. I used a coupon code on this item in exchange for my honest review. I like the bag and feel it will handle a lot of use. It isn't as bulky as the soft cube coolers, and it looks so much better. I'd purchase this item again and would consider giving it as a congratulations gift to someone who obtained their first job. If you are making a gift basket of convenient food items for someone (college student), this would make a nice and useful "basket" to use. My husband I take a lot of weekends away. We use an insulated tote like this to carry Prosciutto, gourmet cheese, and crackers with a bottle of wine to the beach, parks, roadside tables when traveling scenic routes, etc. We have also used it to keep foods warm as we traveled. I love the bag. It has many practical uses to keep foods healthy and portable! -W