Thursday, July 14, 2016

Avroz Nut Milk Bag

My Best Nut Milk Bag - 2 Pack Large (12"x12") & Medium (12"x9") Strong Reusable Almond Milk Bags

I make my own nut milks and like to get a very smooth texture which requires a very fine mesh filter. I also make jelly, yogurt, cheeses, and dry herbs. I like using the nylon because it does not pick up odors or stain as easily as cheesecloth and cotton bags. The two different sizes makes it easy to double the bags for even finer straining. These bags were offered to me with a discount in exchange for my opinion, and since I use them so often, I accepted. The mesh on them is very fine which will give a smooth consistency to whatever you are straining. The sides can be rolled up like socks and pinned to the side of a bowl or a stand with clothespins to adjust depth for your needs. The double stitching at the bottom is more than sufficient to hold. The drawstring at the top will adjust it to fit over stainless steel jelly bag stands or mixing bowls. I've been using a cotton jelly bag for wild blackberry jelly and elderberry syrup, but I like these better because the nylon makes them easier to clean. I prefer these to cheesecloth to strain yogurt or soft cheeses, again, because it is easier to clean. These can also be used to protect drying herbs in your kitchen without worry of dust or bugs getting to it. To clean, I first scoop all of the pulp off and then rinse the bag backwards with the sink sprayer nozzle. Then, I wash mine by hand in the kitchen sink and hang to dry. They come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you can't lose. I'd consider purchasing them again.