Thursday, July 14, 2016

i-gruv Smart Dryer Balls

These arrived in an Amazon box inside of a very thick fully sealed plastic bag. They come with their own drawstring storage bag that has the instructions and benefits conveniently written on the outside. There are six large dryer balls made from 100% New Zealand wool with no fillers. The recommendations are for four balls for a medium sized load and six for a large. They need to be stored in a dry place where they can get air so they do not mildew. You can scent with essential oils if you want your clothes to have a fragrance. I tried these with a discount coupon code in exchange for my opinion. These work great to speed drying time, to soften clothing, and reduce dryer sheet waste which makes them very environmentally friendly. I feel the current price along with the 100% guarantee makes these a good deal! They will pay for themselves over and over again. I like them, would recommend them to others, and would consider giving them as a housewarming gift.