Sunday, July 24, 2016

Odor Eliminator

Advanced Pet Supplies Odor & Stain Eliminator - Cleans Accidents in a Hurry Without Dangerous Ingredients That Can Make Pets Sick - Advanced Bio-Enzyme Cat & Dog Urine Pee Smell Remover Carpet Cleaner

We own a kennel and use a lot of odor and stain eliminator. I took a picture of how the bottle was packaged because I feel like the company cared to get it to me in good condition. If you've bought enough products through the mail, you know sometimes they just throw stuff in the box and don't care how it arrives. This arrived with a screw on cap with a foil seal on the bottle. The sprayer nozzle was attached with a rubber band, and all of it was in a sealed plastic bag. It was shipped to me in a box by Amazon with several other items including some heavy ones. Because of the way it was packaged, nothing leaked and the nozzle was still undamaged! The bottle was much larger than I was expecting, so I feel like I received a good value for the price posted compared to products in our local pet stores. The fragrance is light and about what you'd expect. It seemed to work very well after an accident. The dog didn't even sniff over the spot again. I was offered a price break on this item for my honest thoughts about it