Friday, July 15, 2016

Put This Together With An Easy Bake Oven and DIY Easy Bake Recipes for a Great Child's Gift

Cake Decorating Kit - Set of 9 Icing Tips for Baking Supplies - Perfect for Kids and Beginners

I learned how to decorate with an icing bag and metal tips 25 years go. I'm not the world's best, but I do alright. This set is not meant for people with experience, but, as described, it is perfect for those who are learning or need something easier on the hands. This was very easy for my small children to use. Putting the icing inside was very easy too. They enjoyed it and we appreciate the discount code we received in exchange for our honest opinion about this product. As a birthday or Christmas gift, I'd put this together with a child's toy oven with some homemade cake mixes and frosting designed for that toy oven. The current list price is a bit high compared to local products on the shelf in the store even after you factor in shipping. I took one star off for that. -W

I listed this in our toys category because of the gift idea tip.