Friday, July 15, 2016

Stylish Insulated Lunch Tote!

Insulated Neoprene Tote

This lunch bag came in an Amazon box inside of a resealable plastic bag. It is attractively designed and the stitching is secure and strong. There is more than enough room in it for a good sized meal. The neoprene means it stays insulated without unnecessary bulk. I used a coupon code on this item in exchange for my honest review. I like the bag and feel it will handle a lot of use. It isn't as bulky as the soft cube coolers, and it looks so much better. I'd purchase this item again and would consider giving it as a congratulations gift to someone who obtained their first job. If you are making a gift basket of convenient food items for someone (college student), this would make a nice and useful "basket" to use. My husband I take a lot of weekends away. We use an insulated tote like this to carry Prosciutto, gourmet cheese, and crackers with a bottle of wine to the beach, parks, roadside tables when traveling scenic routes, etc. We have also used it to keep foods warm as we traveled. I love the bag. It has many practical uses to keep foods healthy and portable! -W