Friday, July 15, 2016

Support for a Healthy Equine Gut

HORSE PROBIOTICS - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As a person who cares for many animals on our small farm, I am thankful for anything that helps me give them the excellent care I strive to give them. Not only do we take probiotics for ourselves, but we also give them to our dogs, goats, and now our horses. While the benefits of horse probiotics are still being researched, they are thought to help the body to recover from illnesses, help the digestive system handle changes to diet easier, give digestive systems a head start or a needed boost, counteract the effects of stress, help old horses better assimilate their feed which can help them keep or gain weight, boost the immune system, and more. I appreciate the discount code I was given to give me the opportunity try and give my honest review on this product. It arrived very promptly in an Amazon box. The plastic jar with screw lid I received is taller than the one pictured and contains the 1 pound stated in the description. It had a foil seal under the lid. I had no problem getting my horse to take it as a top dressing on his feed. If your old horse is struggling to gain weight, I recommend trying this product.